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"The Oregon Association of Shooting Ranges…
is a shining example of statewide range unity." NSSF article

It's time for your shooting range to join OASR.

For questions about membership, please email George Pitts.

We can no longer sit back and wait for national organizations to protect us. National anti-gun groups are changing their tactics and introducing legislation on a state by state level, hoping to overextend the budget of national pro-gun organizations. And it is working!

Oregon is seen as a liberal state and this gives the anti-gun movement hope that they can get their anti-gun agenda through our legislature. The prize target they have in their sights is your shooting range. They are using noise ordinances, pollution regulations, safety laws, etc., in an attempt to close down YOUR range.

Protection from those who are (shall we say) shooting challenged is not the only reason to join OASR. Our ranges need to organize to better serve the shooting sports and the gun owners of Oregon.. We have several groups of young shooters, competing on a national level, who deserve the support, recognition and appreciation of fellow shooters for representing Oregon. All Oregonians should be proud of their display of talent, sportsmanship and integrity. Sadly, their accomplishments do not receive the recognition they so richly deserve.

We need to talk and get ideas from each other on how to better manage our ranges. Our goal is to help you increase your membership, create exiting new programs, have better meeting attendance, keep older shooters longer, and build new youth programs. These are challenges we can help you address. We can solve these problems together by sharing our expertise and resources.

Your membership in OASR can insure the Second Amendment freedoms we enjoy are passed down to our kids and grandkids.

Are you a member of a shooting range in Oregon? Please consider asking your club to join the Oregon Association of Shooting Ranges. Your club may depend on it.

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